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Energizing body treatments


The "Shiro Abhyanga" is an ancient treatment of India from the precious Ayurvedic medicine.

 It is aimed both at optimizing energy circulation and at relieving tension. By acting on the famous marma points (Ayurvedic reflex points) where the vital energy sits, it will induce many regenerative processes ...

Sometimes gentle and sometimes tonic, this protocol has many virtues and will act in depth. It relaxes, acts with great efficiency on the nervous system, promotes the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain, stimulates the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid which increases the vital energy. Has other long-term benefits such as: fighting stress, insomnia, reducing high blood pressure, memory loss, depression tendencies, hair whitening and loss, improves the appearance of facial skin and slows the development of wrinkles ...

The treatment is done with a biological hot oil for 90 minutes. Emphasis is placed in the region of the upper body chakras and covers the following areas: head (scalp), neck, face, ears, shoulders, back, hands and feet.



Is a sacred ancient Tibetan healing art that was rediscovered in Japan, in 1922, by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui.

This energy healing technique uses “hands on” and “hands off” healing, which activates the body’s natural healing process.This technique can be used in retrieving or reducing pain and discomfort by balancing the body’s energy centers – chakras – and dissolving any blockage.

Reiki works for the client’s highest good.

The benefits of this method are numerous. This healing technique works on the physical aspect but also on balancing the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the client.

Similarly, to yoga, acupuncture and other forms of energy affecting techniques and methods, when you are treated according to the Reiki method, it helps the energy in your body, mind and spirit flow. Once the energy is flowing, you will feel balanced and wellness will flow through your body.

Note that as part of this treatment we do not make any diagnosis or prognosis. Energy treatments do not replace medical treatments. On the other hand, a Reiki treatment will be complementary to a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, of osteopathy, acupuncture ... Besides, it will also be able to reinforce the effectiveness of the latter by stimulating the capacity of self-healing.


A unique wellness practice
$70 1h Treatment   
$180 3 Treatments